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Member Info

If you attend regularly and are looking for something specific, perhaps you can find it here.

Directory Information

Go to and follow the prompts under “Sign In” to “Create a login now” using your email address we entered for you. If you attend regularly but can’t log in, we may not have your correct email and details. Pass us a note at church to let us know your email and details to be added. If you were able to log-on before but can’t now, double-check your email and password entry, or try resetting your password by clicking on the “Sign In >> Forgot Password?” link at the directory website, and follow the instructions there. If you still have trouble let us know. Only regular members and attendees are added and given directory access. We vigilantly verify all access to our directory.

Upcoming Events

Check out The Fellowship Hub, or the latest bulletin.

Serving Schedules

Check the bulletin board in the hallway, or contact the ministry coordinator.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are listed in the bulletin handout each week. If you have an urgent request let the Pastor know. The church maintains a Fellowship Baptist Prayer Group on Facebook that members and regular attenders may request to join and share requests there.

Calling Post

The calling post is used to give important reminders, and occasional urgent prayer requests. The calling post will appear to come from the church’s phone number. If you are a member or regular attender and are missing the calling post calls, please let us know.

Church Documents

Copies of the Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual are available at church.

Church Use

Using the Fellowship Hall or Church facilities is reserved only for Fellowship Baptist Church members. Review the use policies, utilize the calendar in the kitchen, and contact a Hostess Team member to let them know.

Still Looking?

Still can’t find it? Get in touch and let us know what you are hunting.